Smellink BV supplies high quality textiles for both the consumer and the institutional market. The consumer market is supplied through wholesalers and the larger retail organisations. Institutional textile is supplied through suppliers to the hospitality & leisure industry, care homes and the larger linen rental services.

It is our aim, for both the consumer and the institutional market, to supply quality products at an affordable price in as short a time frame as possible. To that end, we continuously invest in logistics and order processing systems. Many of our products are developed under private label, in close relationship with our clients. We do not sell directly to the consumer or the institutional market – either offline or online.

Our goods are produced in Asia, Egypt, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. By collaborating with Eastern European and Dutch production facilities, we are able to fulfil specific requirements regarding sizes, finishes and packaging. Our logistical process is such that if required, we are able to offer deliveries directly from the production facility to your client, thus ensuring that goods are delivered as efficiently as possible. Apart from our own quality control, we also have quality control labs in Asia and the Netherlands.

Smellink was founded in 1990 and through a close collaboration between the clients and the suppliers, has become a highly reliable supplier of textiles.